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Heat pump air - water , monoblock, all DC inverter, for cooling, heating and DHW, three phase.

The pumps HITACHI M series , is an efficient solution in compact dimensions, in which the unit is placed outside, without taking up space inside the house and can be used in parallel with the existing heating solution.

  • High performance up to 4,55 COP
  • Built-in hydraulic group (circulator, container, etc.)
  • Low operating costs
  • Great energy savings compared to conventional heating systems.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • The temperature is regulated thanks to DC inverter technology
  • DHW production with constant temperature 60 ο C
  • Ideal heating solution for renovations and new constructions.
  • Low noise level 45 dB (A)
POWER SUPPLY: 380 Volt/50Xz
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