About us

The company Top - Therm was founded on the island of Chios in the year 2000 by Katsadima Athanasios who is a Licensed Thermo-Hydraulic and Cooling Installation Technician, started his business activity in 1988 in Athens, performed a number of Public and Private Works with main object electromechanical installations and air conditioning installations almost all over Greece and then since 1998 the homonymous brand in CHIO and is also active on the islands of OINOUSSES, PSARA and MYTILINI.


Main activities of the company are E trade and Installation of items:

  1. Heating - Water Supply - Sewerage,
  2. Air Conditioning - Professional Cooling,
  3. Solar Systems,
  4. Fire Fighting Systems

The main factor for the successful growth of the company is the strict selection based on the quality and price of the items we trade as well as the well-organized customer service before , but mainly after the sale (< / strong> AFTER SALES SERVICE ) .


All the above have contributed so that in a short time we have established ourselves in the Chian market and have a fairly large clientele (over 5,000 customers) which consists of individuals, stores, FRANCHISING chains, public services, banks, super markets, hotels and technical companies.


Result of the continuous effort of our company for the continuous improvement of the provided materials and services it offers, is the almost zero losses of our clientele throughout our presence on the island, its continuous increase, mainly through the existing customer service (IE OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS) but also its introduction at NETWORK OF TECHNICAL STORES of DIATHERMIKI during the Year 2003.